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Rinnah Thermal Comfort PLC

Rinnah Thermal Comfort PLC


Electrical Materials

Olompiya to MeskelFlower Road Next to Nazra Hotel

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Rinnah Thermal Comfort PLC is one of the leading suppliers of Electro-Mechanical Products in Ethiopia. Our engineering Company is confident of the first class in nature, reliable and trustworthy as were expressed by our clients. Being staffed by well trained and experienced engineers and technicians, this electromechanical engineering company gives a good solution to any engineering problems

The company provides a complete service of design, supply, installation, and commissioning of Electro-Mechanical Works.


From its first steps, and within the frame of efforts for meeting its goal, Rinnah Thermal Comfort plc, has set the following as the Company’s mission and are inviolable under no circumstances:

  • Customer satisfaction over contractual negotiation.
  • Quality of work, appropriate cost and effective delivery time are components that go parallel to our project work execution.
  • Providing a professional and safe working environment with a high standard infrastructure to deliver the client an excellent performance.
  • Providing a consistent and premium quality work to build a long-term relationship with our clients.


Rinnah's vision is to be the Leading Complete Electromechanical Engineering Services Company in East Africa with an annual turnover of more than 150 million by the end of the year 2020.


Supply of Technologies

Based on the needs of the clients, Rinnah undertakes the supply of machinery and equipment, as units or packages of technology, or as complete turn-key set-ups. In these respects, it endeavors to maximize local resource inputs through unpacking of technologies and adaptation.

Erection / Installation / Commissioning

Rinnah is engaged in consulting, design, supply, Installation, and commissioning of HVAC Systems, Cold Rooms, Medical Gas Systems, Boiler System, Generators, Pumps, Industrial Machineries, Fire Fighting and Security Systems, Laboratory Equipments and Industrial Consultancy and Plant Layout.

Rinnah also plans to engage in the design and manufacturing of Agricultural and Construction Machineries, Structural Members and Prefabricated house/office.

Rinnah plans to carry out independent verification, testing and commissioning of erected plants and workshops.

Maintenance / Rehabilitation

Rinnah assists and performs in major maintenance and rehabilitation works in this context it provides requisite specialized expertise.

Advisory and consultancy services

Rinnah provides the often needed software aspects for the realization of industrial and technical oriented establishments. This includes need assessments in the selection of technologies, preparation of technological profile and operational system, system development for efficient and effective production, material management and maintenance management.